Russian bee breeders association

Determine if there are genetic components of RHB response to emerging problems such as colony collapse disorder or CCD once syndromes and causes are identified. Some prominent members of the Association are: If natural selection can produce tolerance to Varroa, then these bees may be our best bet. Significantly, this was done to increase honey production and reduce losses, not to produce and sell queens to the beekeeping public. Unfortunately for them the paper work and fees required for shipping queens into Canada are too much trouble for just a few queens. The purpose of this article is to look more closely at this association, and attempt to make some conclusions about its possible future.

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Varroa only reproduces on drone pupae in these bees, and drones are only available part of the year, so high populations of mites never build up.

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What About Those Russian Bees?

But today, mite resistance to fluvalinate is clearly taking place, and will likely spread across the country just as rapidly as varroa did originally. Some are only interested in maintaining the stock for their current and future use, producing honey and pollinating, while others aspire to become queen producers. Harry Fulton of Brooksville, Mississippi is one of the newer certified members. I have even received requests from a beekeeper in South America. They traditionally selected their own queens and used Ohio queens and others as breeders, acquiring some Russian stock in the process. There are at least four resistance mechanisms that scientists have identified.

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russian bee breeders association
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russian bee breeders association
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