After surgery is it ok to have anal sex

In the case of stapled hemorrhoidopexy, tiny metal surgical staples are placed in the lower rectum. I'm so tight and my exterior rectum is tight and swollen although not painful Scarring and narrowing of the anal canal is a very small risk with surgery or stapled hemorrhoidopexy. She reported that her partner was inebriated and aggressively pursued un-protected anal intercourse despite resistance. On 20 august I had surgery operation appendicits. Overlapped repair of sphincter muscles with three interrupted mattress type sutures arrows. For example, if you have diabetes, smoke, or have other medical issues that could affect your healing, your doctor may recommend a more gradual return to full activity.

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Most often, the recovery period will extend at least a couple of weeks to prevent bleeding that can sometimes come from too vigorous activity in the immediate post-op recovery period.

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Complete anal sphincter complex disruption from intercourse: A case report and literature review

Serious complications are rare after any hemorrhoid treatment. Analysis of cases of sexual assault presenting at a medical centre in Taipei. Also concerned about the cosmetic effects of rectal surgery can the trauma be minimized so as to make this sensitive area "appealing" I am a gay man Finally, there are some patient specific factors that your doctor will understand best. The advantage of stapled hemorrhoidopexy is that it is less painful than traditional surgery, and does not require multiple treatments.

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after surgery is it ok to have anal sex
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after surgery is it ok to have anal sex
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