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Everyone used to love and adore Miley. She was raised as a Christian and was baptized in a Southern Baptist church. I don't think any of us will forget the first time we saw the diminutive pop star flailing about on an actual wrecking ball in her music video for said song. Has it ever felt like you've seen everything that Miley Cyrus has to offer? She originally auditioned for the main character's best friend but ended up being contacted to audition for the main character and landed the role for her singing and acting skills. To be honest, a lot of people are curious to find out how the Wrecking Ball singer wrecked her life.

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Miley loves to show off her naked body, but there's some naked pics of Miley we have never seen thanks to alternate takes from her video for "Wrecking Ball.

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Miley Cyrus Uncensored!

As Miley has gotten older her look and behavior have changed drastically. Whether we get them in a slow trickle or an avalanche, it will continue to be an incredibly sexy rollout! You may have been thinking that when you clicked on this link, and I don't blame you. You may have been thinking that when you clicked on this link, and I don't blame you. Apparently, it seems it does not take a week before another Miley Cyrus ass hit the internet. Still has an amazing ass in her new music video.

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