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The sizing guideline shows that curvy Marilyn Monroe - long regarded as a size 12 US size 8 - would actually wear a size 8 US size 4 today because of the inflation or 'vanity sizing'. Over the following weeks Jasgur snapped Marilyn in a number of locations, most famously on Zuma Beach in a swimsuit, before presenting the portfolio to Ben Lyon, casting director at 20th Century Fox, who signed the wannabe and turned her into Marilyn Monroe. Joan Palmer, I guess sizes have really changed, my waist is about 22 inches and my hips about He was also the first chemist to identify the essential components of some dyes, like carbolic acid, more commonly known as phenol today. If anyone has seen the high rising pants before, you would now they round out towards the bottom, so her pants would of fit just fine.

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You then take one from the other to give a number in this case 2 and use a chart to work out the cup size.

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Marilyn Monroe would wear size 8 today while Kim Kardashian would be an 18 in 1970s

My previous comment was not to the writer of the article, but to other commenters equating plus size with obesity, and apparent fatness as a bad thing. I enjoyed seeing the pics and the different measurements at different times. I am 5ft and have to cut a lot off the bottom of my jeans even with short leg size. I believe she thought she could find that by marrying Arthur Miller, but in reality her Hollywood spotlight had shone too brightly even for him. Remember that the top measurement is more a width indicator.

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