When did you start dating your spouse

I was at a birthday party for a friend of mine, and out of the corner of my eye I saw this guy in a strange black uniform go by. He asked about my kids by name. Took about a month to get him interested, felt very satisfied with myself, and resolved to rock his world and make him sorry for not noticing me was just going to be a couple of nights of fun. For a while after we got married, I'd go out and play darts with one of the guys and if he was on the other team, just as he was about to throw a dart I'd say, "Hey! By August ofI got a new step-dad, who has made my mom infinite amounts happier than I have ever seen her in my life, he's great to all of us in fact. We'd been friends for about 3 years prior to this and it sort of changed after we jokingly made a Friends style "if we're not married by 30, we'll marry each other!

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Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone.

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I had a date with another guy the next day, but all I could think about was my soon-to-be husband. As dinner time came rolling in, everyone started to leave except this random Mexican which after I took the moment to look at his uniform I learned his name. Got married at My first day in at my new school and I was in my Spanish 2 class. We dated for about 5 years before I proposed, then she started running around with other fellas not long after we got married.

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when did you start dating your spouse
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when did you start dating your spouse
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