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This is double subverted in an episode. We saw it first show up in Meg Meeker's book, "Epidemic: One of the many glorified urban legends about 4chan claims that they use their Anonymous goons to regularly prowl MySpace and Facebook for parties, then raid them in real life with dozens of uninvited guests. When things get so saturated with that message, one of the things I've noted when people ask me over the past couple years what research I'm working on and I tell them I'm doing this book, it's going to be called "Kids Gone Wild," but it's critiquing that idea and kids have actually not gone wild, or I even tell them what the stories are and that they're urban legends, they for a minute kind of nod but then they say, "But kids today are really a problem I think one of the things we show in the last chapter is it's not just one group that likes the stories. They're going to follow the lead. Degrassi has had several.

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Happens often on My Life as a Teenage Robot.

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The wild party resort that will ‘eat you alive’

My Goddessbut the only one that really fits this trope is one that the Motor Club spontaneously decides to have in Keiichi's house without his permission in order to get him to loosen up - when the reason he's a little stressed at the time is that he was trying to prepare for a major test that he had to take the following morning. The Next Generation was actually conceived at one of these parties. A three-day orgy of destruction that included everything from destroying furniture and using the remains to bash down walls to throwing a cat in the microwave. This is where Wild Wild Country picks up the story. And then a gamer almost destroyed the mansion when he hacked into Cerebro, thinking it was a fancy computer game. So even though they could have easily Googled and seen an Associated Press or Washington Post story and said, "OK, they're saying this might not be true, that this might be a legend, or that this might be greatly exaggerated," it would still get picked up as, "This is happening, this is real.

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