How does crucible matchmaking work

Queue times ballooned and matches slowed down, so suffice it to say people noticed the change. We are actively investigating longer than usual matchmaking times for the Quickplay Crucible playlist. Upon the launch of Forsaken, skill matching will work in the same manner it has in recent weeks i. In the near future, we will preview any planned improvements to matchmaking in Crucible Labs first, so we can tune that experience collaboratively. Please stay tuned for updates on our progress. As always, our commitment remains to communicate all changes to the competitive ecosystem in advance right here on bungie.

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Bungie Explains Destiny Matchmaking Amid Controversy

Last month, Bungie accidentally disabled skill-based matchmaking for Destiny 2's quickplay PvP mode, inadvertently creating more chaotic matches that value speed over balance. Yeah you would have people spawning right in front of you that you just killed BUT And they played out quite well: The Destiny subreddit is overflowing with similar stories, and while I've only been able to play a few matches since the update, I've also noticed this sluggishness myself. Bungie says it is looking into PvP queue times, confirming that something is indeed up with quickplay:.

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how does crucible matchmaking work
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how does crucible matchmaking work
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