How to prep for anal

What I'm asking about is the medium-term prep -- a day or two. Sometimes, no matter how much you clean beforehand, right in the middle of things all that backdoor action will make you say "woah! I'd do an enema that afternoon if you're that concerned about your anal hygiene, but it'd probably be more helpful for you to relax and prepare for the possibility, however slim, that it might be a little dirty, literally speaking. I didn't eat Saturday, then before he came over in the afternoon we're dating, not living together, hence the planning aheadI showered and checked the situation. The only way to deal with it is to talk about it head-on.

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For Christ's sake, this is supposed to be a fun activity, not a three day anal bootcamp.

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9 Pro Tips to Prep Your Body For Anal Sex

Don't add fiber, for the love of God. And yes, sometimes traces of fecal matter if you decide to have anal sex. It can be exciting and new. Ban them for a day. Nothing gets stored there. The stigma is way worse than the reality - you don't have a secret, fully loaded monster-turd hiding around the corner just out of reach of your finger. You really don't need to schedule a whole weekend in advance, or eat any special diet pre-anal.

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how to prep for anal
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how to prep for anal
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