Does sex make you fat

Studies also show that people in relationships are likely to eat more than single people. Want to build team, play video games together. Dear Employers, keeping your employees happy will increase your profits! This Pakistani groom just left Ranveer Singh behind thanks to his flashy clothes. How to have sex after having a baby? Some studies do suggest that people gain weight after marriage.

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Lads seek out the fattest woman they can find, and the competition is to sleep with her and then display her as a trophy, exposing her to public ridicule.

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The secrets of fat sex

It is a popular belief that women tend to gain weight soon after marriage. I was on a diet for 18 years. This is what happens if you STOP having sex! You must trust your instinct in these 6 situations! It is fluctuation in sex hormones such as DHEA, estrogen and progesterone that contribute to weight gain.

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does sex make you fat
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does sex make you fat
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