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It would be deeply taboo for a man to be face-fucked, that is, to perform oral sex on another man because of the gender role inversion. Why is he pale? Bolding the line for emphasis. Was oral sex also considered normal for a woman to do to a man? The problem is Classical Chinese words are always open to different types of interpretation. American Anthropologist3 More interestingly, the Egyptians are notable for being the inventors of autofellatio.

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One of the better ways to know what was troublesome paganism, money lending, etc.

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Even older than the Catullus reference though admittedly not by muchancient Greek 4th Centuryish BC, I don't have my source handy "lesbiazein" ie to "do like a lesbian" could have the meaning of "to perform oral sex". They mean, respectively, "to face-fuck" and "to be face-fucked. I had forgotten about ancient Rome whoops- how did i even do that? While depictions of anal sex are also common, what interested me the most was there are not only pots depicting all these sexual activities between two living people, but there are also depictions of sexual activities with skeletons. The Moche are particularly known for their "sex pots," ceramic vessels sculpted in the form of various parties copulating in the manners that various parties do. Charinus wears a fake tan - and still he's pale. David Lorton wrote a whole paper about this called "Autofellatio and Ontology", but it suffices to say that in the Book of Overthrowing Apophis, Ra a god created Shu and Tefnut by fellating himself and spitting his semen on the ground.

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