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Your review has been posted. Carmen gets dressed and goes down stairs the phone then rings. Season 6, Episode 11 April 4, When Angie becomes concerned about losing her looks, George asks his gorgeous niece Veronica to tone down her sex appeal. Powers Aviation is sold, and the new owner Edward James Olmos asks George to make major life changes if he wants to stay on. Season 6, Episode 2 January 31,

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At her trial, Benny must rely on George's testimony since her lawyer Adam West and even her mother Rita Moreno have all turned on her.

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She then stares at him. Just then her brother Max walks in he looks over at his sister and imedeatly gets a boner and he puts his hand in his poket to cover it Carmen looks over to see Max hide his erection "Hi Max how was school" asked Carmen with a grin "Good I got to go upstairs to do some homework so don't disturb me" says Max as he hurries upstairs This could be fun thought Carmen Max was in his room the teachers gave out no homework because it was Memorial Day weekend so he layed in his bed and thought about what he could do to his sister "What are you thinking" Max says to himself "That's incest shes your sister you cant think about her like that" but the more he thought about the more he wanted her. Season 6, Episode 12 April 11, Carmen hears moaning coming from Maxes room and goes to the door to investigate and sees Max stroking his dick "Oh Carmen suck my dick fuck suck it" Max moaned Carmen thought Oh my god hes jaking of to me as she starts getting wet down in her pussy She then has a idea come to mind she goes to her room and slams her door startiling Max he puts his junk away and looks out the door he figured Carmen went in her room to change so he goes to the peephole in his room to watch He sees Carmen unbuttoning her top and throwing it in her hamper then with her pants then bra and panties so she stands their complaetly naked for Maxes view. The stand-up comic plays an assembly-line worker and family man facing a dicey adjustment to managing employees including his mother. Season 6, Episode 2 January 31,

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veronica from george lopez nude
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veronica from george lopez nude
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  1. So all you can see is her thigh, his ass and his shoes. Really ?? Why even post this video

  2. lmfao @ 4:00 he has this look like hes trying to act like hes still unsure or deciding whether he will fuck with her or not.